CJW Shenzhen branch

CJW Shenzhen branch is located at OCT BAY, the rising new leisure hotspot in Shenzhen and the most trendy urban entertainment destination in south China. The whole catering area occupies over 4,000 square meters of space and boasts brilliant coastal views as well as an elegant, yet casual interior design which offers patrons an intimate dining and nightlife experience.
CJW at OCT BAY includes five buildings alongside Qushui bay, with the most beautiful location and the most comfortable environment. They are CJW Bar & Lounge, Kyoku Teppanyaki Restaurant, and Kyoku Japanese Cuisine Restaurant. When night falls, it also offers patrons a chance to see the splendid multi-media water show while enjoying food and wine.

Cigar Jazz Wine

CJW has two bars in OCT Bay: the CJW Bar surrounded with a plant-lined terrace is beside the lake opening from 4PM to 2AM. Which carries a discerning variety of beer, wine & spirits, sake and more provides perfect pairing to the kitchen menus.
And the Jazz Bar Lounge has two floors of different design style and provides a different clubbing experience. The 1st floor features a big show stage and creates a youthful and dynamic atmosphere with shining tints and modern chic materials. The 2nd floor features lounge seats, wine cellar and cigar bar, providing a private escape from the hectic stress of everyday life.

A five-piece show band with international music talents present brilliant live shows every night at CJW Bar & Lounge. CJW artists play jazz, soul, blues, R&B and funk till midnight, catering to our upscale clientele who take advantage of the enchanting rhythms by dancing on the floor or lounging with friends on the cozy sidelines.

Show time:
Tuesday to Thursday
Sunday: 09:00pm—00:30am
Friday to Saturday: 09:20pm—01:30am

Tel : 0755-86541133

Kyoku Japanese Cuisine Restaurant

Kyoku Japanese Cuisine Restaurant features an excellent Sushi Bar on the 1st floor and VIP rooms on the 2nd floor. The inside décor of warm natural colors and natural materials like woods and stones, creates a comfortable dining atmosphere. The restaurant concentrates on the authentic healthy and tasty flavors by using only the finest and freshest seasonal ingredients and offers an extensive selection of high-quality Sushi, Sashimi, and grilled items as well as a variety of other Japanese cuisine options.


Kyoku Teppanyaki Restaurant

Kyoku Teppanyaki Restaurant holds open Teppanyaki tables and wine cellar on the 1st floor and six private rooms on the 2nd floor. The restaurant offers memorable dining experience by perfectly marrying traditional Japanese Teppanyaki cooking skills and French style presentation. Set menus offer outstanding value, where diners can choose from a range of fresh meat or seafood along with soup, rice and vegetables. Patrons can observe the chef’s culinary skills or the splendid coastal view while enjoying the tasty food.

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