CJW THE PLACE -- "Beginning of the dream”

CJW Beijing in The Place is the fashion square with art characteristics in Beijing CBD. Which has first big electronic velarium in Asia, is insight called “The Square began to dream”.

Holistic concept

CJW Beijing is located in the district of The Place known as "Asia's first panoramic sky", covering a total area of over 1700 square meters, with high-end restaurant + Jazz lounge + best cigar room and elegant environment, bringing us multiple life enjoyment.

Activities organizing

Refined decoration, ingenuity and unique dining entertainment culture makes CJW become the best choice of fashionable people, overseas institutions, international brands, business receptions, private weddings and parties.

Design decoration

Based on the research of the urban fashion trend of Beijing’s life, our design integrates the charm of Oriental and Western culture together. Classical gardens of the moon arch, hollow zenith, flowers lattice walls, elegant and comfortable chairs and sofas, Bordeaux red curtains and theater style deck boxes…… No matter any corner, you will be immersed in the romantic atmosphere.
Cigar tasting is not just a hobby, it is a way of life. You can smoke a cigar while you are thinking alone. You can also enjoy a good time with friends while smoking cigars together. When the whole world is struggling to get busy, cigar funs know how to slow down and enjoy life.
While enjoying cigars, some drinks containing sugar such as port wine, rum, red wine, whisky, brandy or coffee, can make cigars taste smooth and full. To match the Havana cigar, we have Havana Rum, Portugal port wine, Burgundy wine, Scotch whisky, Cognac, and Blue Mountain coffee.
For more information about the cigar's knowledge, history and culture, please visit our partner - Cigar Ambassador’s official website.

Cigar club

Through a short corridor from the hall to CJW cigar club, there is exquisite wooden furniture, leather sofa suffused with years, wall paintings and decoration, with a nostalgic style of South America. Professional humidors in the room orderly display various brands and prices of the world's top cigars, and refined elegant humidors, cigar scissors and lighters.

The CJW Beijing cigar club offers a full range of high quality hand-rolled cigars. Mainly produced in NorthAmerica such as Havana area, includes prestigious brands such as Cohiba, Montecristo, Partagas, Romeo Y Julieta, Hoyo de Monterrey, H.Upmann, etc.

Sir taste

CJW Beijing hires professional, international jazz performer. With interpretations of jazz, soul, Blues, R & B, funk and a variety of other musical styles, sometimes lazy, sometimes fast rhythm, the music adds a warm atmosphere, which makes the guests of honor more cheerful.

Whether you take time to browse our luxurious selection of cigars and cigar accessories, enjoy the world’s best cigars in calm reflection or just spend a few moments with good friends in our lounge, you will find the CJW cigar club to be the perfect place for your perfect cigar experience.
Show time:
Monday to Thursday: 09:00pm—00:30am
Friday to Saturday: 09:00pm—01:20am
Sunday: 09:00pm—00:30am

Executive Chef: KAI Junsheng, Tim KAI

As executive chef of CJW THE PLACE Beijing, Tim was added in CJW Shanghai Bund Center shop as executive chef in 2005, and responsible for the whole kitchen management of the CJW Beijing’s grand opening in 2007. Since his childhood, Tim loves food. He has more than 20 years of research on western cuisine. He has followed multinational foreign chef apprenticeships such France, Germany, Italy, Spain etc… Tim is especially good at Mediterranean cuisines and also the classical continental cuisine according to Chinese people's tastes and preferences. Tim worked in Shenzhen, Shanghai, and Beijing's top Western restaurant and speaks fluent English.

Chef introduction
CJW Beijing The Place specifically hired senior foreign chefs. Quarterly using the freshest ingredients with the classic Mediterranean cuisine for everyone.

Preferential premium brunch / business lunch, refined pleasant afternoon tea, romantic formal dinner, CJW Beijing will provide you the most authentic Mediterranean cuisine, and the most intimate dining services.

Good wine
Nearly a hundred species of red wine, white wine, champagne from France's top five wineries, Chile, Australia, new world, and a variety of special cocktails, whiskey, brandy, beer etc.

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